(#3 Carla)

My Mama!


As a child I remember riding behind mom on the tractor seat, waking up in wind rows of hay, hot breakfast and fantastic lunches in a row on the counter to get us off to school after of course she had already milked the cows or checked the cows depending on the season.

From an early age we were taught how to do things right or we simply had to do it over again.

For example separating the lights from darks and how to fold clothes. Oh yes that had to be done a certain way and the socks must match up! I remember it only took one rush job before I quickly learned to do it right as mom had me refold them all. To this day I still refold the clothes my husband folds sorry Gord.


At the ranch house dishes had to be done right after dinner. To this day I am still chewing my last bite and doing the dishes. After a party - oh ya whole house must be clean don’t want to wake to a mess - thanks mom! ......................

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