(#6 Carla)

Thank You All!


Roy and all the folk at Emcon for arranging the rallies, rides and flag personal.

All you truckers, bikers and vintage car drivers Sylvia loved those events here at the store….

Gerd and Wanda at The Quesnel Bakery for the dinner buns and sweets…

Peter at Northern Flowers for baskets

Demonstration of Love and Support of Sylvia through all the visits here at the store and at the house….

The overwhelming beautiful bouquets of flowers…

The cards and many arriving by mail…. From the Yukon, Nova Scotia, Thunder Bay Ontario, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the list goes on…

And the meals, produce and flowers that was delivered to the house.

Not to mention all the messages on Facebook, emails, and texts.

We know she was a big part of many of your lives too…

We want to thank Clayton’s too… I know they are “in the business” but they really are so helpful and thoughtful…. Angie informed us that the post on their Facebook page was seen by almost 18,000 people it has never gone over 10,000…. Ma would have been over the top surprised! She probably would have said “imagine that a dumb Ukrainian, with a grade 8 education could do that”

Big thank you to JP as he has been on this stage for many a years in bands and mcing,…. He was also here at mom’s 80th birthday celebration 3 years ago and we are so happy he is here to conclude Sylvia’s amazing life journey.

Also would like to thank Sean Scallion for the sound system.

Chris and Erica Lahoda, from Quesnel Computer Guys, for the amazing slide show presentation.

And to all the staff and friends and family who have helped put this all together.

And a special thank you to all of you who made alternate plans in your busy summer schedules to celebrate Sylvia Annie Derkatch!


God Bless…