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Sylvia Annie Derkatch


Here is the story of a lovely lady, who was born in 1939 in Stenen, Sk on the Praire.

Sylvia comes from family of 10, 8 kids - 4 boys and 4 girls. They are all listed in the ceremony card.

Violet Johnston where are you?

Vi is the youngest child and survives all her pre-deceased family.



1893 Tom Derkatch (Dad). Died 1969 (76 yrs)

1906 Uska Derkatch (Mom) Died 1975 (69 yrs)

1923 Mike Died 2004 (81 yrs)

1924 John Died 1932 (47 yrs)

1927 Joe Died 1949 (23 yrs)

1929 Jim Died 1982 (53 yrs)

1934 Alice Died at 2.5 in 1936

1936 Evelyn Died 1960 (23 yrs)

1939 Sylvia Died 2022 (83 yrs)

1942 Violet - survives her entire family.

Sylvia and her brother Jim, (who built the 4 mile store) moved to Quesnel in 1953 when she was 14yrs old, working at the Mule Train Drive Inn, Bus Depot Coffee Shop, and Watt’s Bakery.

Sometime in here she won a stock car race in the Powder Puff division and her Dad’s friend said that is your daughter and he did not believe it until he got home and seen she was covered in mud and race grime.

Working at Western Plywood in 1956 when she was 17yrs old, as a patcher, a sheet turner then a fork lift driver, she was left wanting more. Sylvia found it boring loading box cars.

All of the kids were basically born at the plywood plant as she drove herself to the hospital to have them. These dates and names can also be found in the ceremony card.


1957 Sherry & Jamie Born (Jamie is Larry’s son)

1960 Dale Born

1964 Candace Born

1970 Carla Born

All while working and raising four children on a ranch, she then stepped out on another big branch.

So in 1974 to the Silva Culture field she went to satisfy her bore. Planted trees with Allan Kenyan then in 1979 she formed her own company New Horizon Reforestation and got her own contracts for planting, seeding and missel toe. Which soon developed into years of thinning, snipping, plotting and burning. And then back to Weldwood, Slocan and Canfor doing Quality Control. Back in the days of Weldwood with Bill Herringshaw, Ron Wilkins, Victor Haggan, and Sandy Cash.

Where is Gloria Flanagan? Give a wave….

This is Gloria Flanagan who was Sylvia’s best sidekick…. From working in the reforestation industry, working at the cafe in the kitchen and as a janitor, caterings, country music concerts, and trips to Kelowna to the dentist, she and Sylvia shared many giggles, worked too hard, and made many lasting memories and listened to a lot of family drama. They go back to 1979… that is many years of what they called fun…. Gloria was a very special person to mom and Gloria truly understood mom ways….

So just like Sylvia’s mother, in1986 she had a dream of her own, being brave she took out a hefty 18% bank loan. She had to make 267.00 a day to pay for loan. She paid if off in 3 years!

Sylvia had trouble getting the financing and that is where Sandy Shoemaker comes in….

Where are you Sandy - give a wave….

This is the lady who made the loan possible…

Sandy went to her branch manger at the RBC and explained the situation and said she would be good for the money and he said, “okay you do it.” So Sandy filled out all the necessary paper work and Sylvia signed.

So through discussions with key people who thought the same, Sylvia was able to stake her claim. Sylvia always blamed Sandy Shoemaker for having the store cause she worked at the bank and pulled some strings. During one of their last visits it was almost as if Sylvia was giving her heck saying it was her fault that she was still there.

So on Nazko Hwy was the notion, where her plans were put into motion. Glen Vickers built the store. Then Steve McLane, Roy Hepner and Brian Murray built the showerhouse 14 years later and Dale Dunn (Son) helped with these buildings for the music festivals with Leona Campbell and crew.

Upon the grand opening Jan 19,1987, of Sylvia’s Cafe, it soon became the home of Sylvia’s famous Ukrainian Buffet. Her first customers were Don and Peggy Cunningham and Ingrid Erickson who are here today from Kelowna 35.5 years later. (Where is Don and Peggy - stand up or give a wave)

Still enjoying the outdoors of Silva Culture, Sylvia decided to let the store go, through two leases and a sale, still the folk could not make it so.

During the time between letting the store go and getting it back is when Sylvia got a glimpse of a different life. She went on hiking trips, family pack horse trip, went to Saskatchewan, Hawaii, Disneyland, and dabbled in Ella’s at the Curling Rink while taking up curling.

Then once again in 1999 with hard work and determination, Sylvia took the store back and had no time for her Silva Culture recreation.

Through many trials and tribulations, Sylvia was able to carry on and have many celebrations and successes. 10 years of music festivals, various events here in this area such as weddings, birthdays, reunions, and celebrations of life and she catered numerous events in Quesnel. Thanks to all you people!

Over the years, Sylvia has had many great employees come and go and we continue to have the best, holding up the status quo.

Many wished her the best of luck while thinking she was crazy, but today we look around and know she simply was not lazy.

Sylvia never looked back, and a tear would swell in her eye when she thought “what the heck, how could I do this with a grade 8 education”.

Thanks to all of you for your love and support over the years from the truckers, loggers, community, towns people and recreationalists helped Sylvia shed many happy tears.

Sylvia was left hoping for a sale after this 35.5 year duration and now Sylvia is resting in sweet Heavenly Peace.


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