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Sylvia’s Support Over the Years


Remember back in the day all the trucks and loggers that would stop for coffee and/or a meal. All those men that would get in trouble for eating at Sylvia’s after their wives had prepared a lunch for their days work.

Remember how smoky it was in there…. But such a great place where many memories were made…

Sylvia always had a special relationship with the highways crews back to the days of Al Hudon and Don Cline, and to the more current crew of Curtis, Brian, Born, Will, Randy and Travis and his young family, whom she all adored. She also had a special relationship with her gas men or shall we say her fuel delivery trucks especially Perry Callies, and now Dereck with the Coop.

Cathy, the mail lady, Ellen, the Cariboo Observer deliverer and of course the bus drivers Curtis then Teresa. She loved these routined visits and you all had a special place in her heart and you were a very special part of her day…

Then there is Sylvia’s 911 gang who were expected to be there asap!

Will Quarry of North Wind Refrigeration who Sylvia often phoned in wee hours of the morning… but was also the recipient of a breakfast, lunch or cinnamon buns as a thank you bribe.

Then we have Benny of Quesnel Septic and Corey from All Haul who got these same calls and made Sylvia a priority as they knew they best get out there so they didn’t disappoint her.

Even though Sylvia was demanding at times, these people respected her thus went above and beyond.

It is worth mentioning some of the companies that motivated and supported Sylvia through the 35 years. We apologize in advance cause we know many have been missed…..

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